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Team Eur-O-Rings

We are Eur-O-Rings.

A company owned by Techniparts.

From our strategic location in Wezep (Gelderland) in the vacinity of Zwolle we operate as a wel greased (leak-free) machine. Our small team is always happy to help you in all your sealing challenges. We have a young but very knowledgeable team that always has plenty of time to assist you with your enquiries. 

Team Eur-O-Rings


Frank Muntz Frank Muntz - Owner, Director

Jaco Zwiggelaar Jaco Zwiggelaar - Sales & Logistics Manager

Constance Muntz Constance Muntz - Sales & Logistics

Youri Rotman Youri Rotman - Sales & Logistics

Jasper Holterman Jasper Holterman - E-Commerce Team

Danny Witvoet Danny Witvoet - E-Commerce & Marketing

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