O-ring 430.66x5.33 - PTFE - Teflon - White - FDA - ER413032

Size430.66 mm x 5.33 mm
MaterialPTFE - Teflon
Product number42909
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CategoriePTFE O-Rings - FDA
MateriaalPTFE - Teflon
Alternative namesTEFLON ®
Chemical NamePolytetrafluoretheen
Omschrijving-2O-ring TEFLON 430.66x5.33
Product nameO-ring 430.66x5.33 PTFE - Teflon
Alternative Size
AS568 Size ChartAS 139
CS (Cross Section)5.33 mm
DIN 3771 Size Chart430.66x5.33
ID (inner diameter)430.67 mm
SMS 1586 Size chart430.66 X 5.33
Core Spec's
Temperature Max200 ºC
Temperature Min-260 ºC
Bijlagepdf Material Test Report
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This PTFE - Teflon O-Ring is mm and in the color White. The Hardness of this is .The alternative names of the compound are TEFLON ® and they are mostly produced by . The O-ring is commonly used in and has an operating temperature range from -260 ºC to 200 ºC. O-rings are indicated as and have a DIN 3771 Size of 430.66x5.33. This item is equal to and has an FDA Approval. The chemical name of this Oring is Polytetrafluoretheen.

The origin of PTFE Teflon®

Teflon O rings, a trademark of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE O-ring) is a chemical compound that was discovered in 1938 by Roy Plunkett in the Jackson Laboratory of the firm Dupont in the American state New Jersey.

At the time Plunkett applied for a patent on this substance, which was granted on 4 February 1941. Later in 1949 Teflon® was introduced as a commercial product.

Teflon® is often referred to as a spin-off of the American space program even though this material was brought to the market before this. The assumption that the spin-off originated from the Manhattan project is more likely.

The Manhattan project was the name of the very secret operation, led by the United States, with the help of Canada and the United Kingdom. With this project, the United States was able to develop the atomic bomb during the Second World War.

After the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did its research on Teflon®, it was approved for use in food preparation.

What is a PTFE Teflon® Oring?

Teflon is an ethylene polymer in which all hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine. The polymer has a very large length and is still one of the largest molecules. PTFE is a thermoplastic; however, it cannot be processed in a thermoplastic manner. PTFE is pressed as a powder at room temperature in a mold and then sintered in an oven.

What is PTFE Teflon® O-rings used for?

  • Food industry
  • (Petro)chemicals
  • Mechanics
  • Sprays for sealing and protection against rust and dust

The advantage of PTFE Teflon® O-ring:

  • Non-stick qualities
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Has a temperature working range up to +250 °C
  • Resistant against weather conditions

The disadvantages of PTFE O ring Teflon®:

  • Hardly meltable, so that conventional design techniques fall short

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