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EPDM O-Rings - 70 Shore A - FDA

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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStockFrom price
O-ring Black31.4x3.5EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA6500,73 icon
O-ring Black59.99x2.99EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA23471,20 icon
O-ring Black158.12x2.62EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA3244,09 icon
O-ring Black104.14x5.33EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA403,21 icon
O-ring Black5.3x1.8EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA226370,28 icon
O-ring Black25.2x3.5EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA5001,13 icon
O-ring Black50.5x3.5EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA22621,20 icon
O-ring Black354x7EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA3217,75 icon
O-ring Black170.82x5.33EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA7703,17 icon
O-ring Black23.5x1.78EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA10000,56 icon
O-ring Black50x5.3EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA1201,93 icon
O-ring Black85x5.25EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA853,55 icon
O-ring Black158.42x2.62EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA3242,71 icon
O-ring Black354.9x6.99EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA3212,45 icon
O-ring Black47.29x2.62EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA72060,74 icon
O-ring Black253.37x6.99EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA1907,05 icon
O-ring Black63.17x2.62EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA58410,91 icon
O-ring Black354.97x5.33EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA1029,23 icon
O-ring Black31.57x3.56EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA6500,73 icon
O-ring Black246.52x5.38EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA308,03 icon
O-ring Black278.99x3.53EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA2143,91 icon
O-ring Black5.3x1.75EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA226370,28 icon
O-ring Black5.28x1.78EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA226370,17 icon
O-ring Black25x3.55EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA5001,07 icon
O-ring Black355x5.3EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA10212,58 icon
O-ring Black221.62x5.33EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA354,02 icon
O-ring Black266.07x5.33EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA206,91 icon
O-ring Black47.3x2.62EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA72060,73 icon
O-ring Black63x2.62EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA58411,25 icon
O-ring Black59.53x2.96EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA39341,20 icon
O-ring Black94x2.95EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA1002,15 icon
O-ring Black354x5.33EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA1027,33 icon
O-ring Black50.17x5.33EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA1201,71 icon
O-ring Black60.2x3EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA23471,24 icon
O-ring Black120.82x2.62EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA2502,91 icon
O-ring Black85x5.3EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA853,55 icon
O-ring Black167x5EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA7103,58 icon
O-ring Black62.87x5.33EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA8052,05 icon
O-ring Black59.5x3EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA39341,20 icon
O-ring Black120.62x2.62EPDM70 Shore APerox - FDA2502,91 icon

EPDM 70 Shore A – FDA

The hardness of the EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene rubber) O-rings is 70 Shore A. These EPDM O-rings can handle temperatures from -55 °C to +150 °C (Peroxide cured). These EPDM O-rings are FDA approved. This means that you can use this O-ring in the food industry.

The EPDM O-ring is well resistant to:

  • Hot water & hot steam
  • Many organic and inorganic acids and bases
  • Silicone oils & silicone greases
  • Ozone, weather conditions, aging
  • Many polar solvents
  • Washing brines
  • Glycol-based brake fluids (special grades required)

EPDM O-rings are not resistant to:

  • All kinds of mineral oil products