EPDM O-Rings - 80 Shore A

EPDM O-Rings - 80 Shore A

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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStockFrom price
O-ring Black15.54x2.62EPDM80 Shore A11650,36 icon
O-ring Black10.82x1.78EPDM80 Shore A687160,16 icon
O-ring Black1.78x1.78EPDM80 Shore A693700,13 icon
O-ring Black85.32x3.53EPDM80 Shore A27871,56 icon
O-ring Black279x3.53EPDM80 Shore A103,07 icon
O-ring Black195x4EPDM80 Shore A97,45 icon
O-ring Black405.26x3.53EPDM80 Shore A2268,29 icon
O-ring Black17.16x1.78EPDM80 Shore A192370,23 icon
O-ring Black221.62x5.33EPDM80 Shore A6614,35 icon
O-ring Black104.14x5.33EPDM80 Shore A13152,83 icon

EPDM 80 Shore A

The hardness of the EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene rubber) O-ring is 80 Shore A. This EPDM O-ring can handle temperatures from -45 °C to +130 °C (Sulfur cured). You can achieve temperatures from -55 °C to +150 °C (Peroxide cured).

The EPDM O-ring is well resistant to:

  • Hot water & hot steam
  • Many organic and inorganic acids and bases
  • Silicone oils & silicone greases
  • Ozone, weather conditions, aging
  • Many polar solvents
  • Washing brines
  • Glycol-based brake fluids (special grades required)

EPDM O-rings are not resistant to:

  • All kinds of mineral oil products

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