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FEP Encapsulated - Silicone O-Rings

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FEP (Silicone)

The FEP (Silicone) O-rings have an elastic core from VMQ and are seamlessly enveloped. An FEP (Silicone) O-ring is similar to a PTFE O-ring. This FEP (Silicone) O-rings are often applied at high temperatures and heavy chemical loads. The FEP (Silicone) sheathing or the O-ring is chemically very resistant and protects the elastic core against aggressive influences. Another feature of the casing is the small coefficient of friction. This combines the elastic properties of the VMQ core with the high chemical and thermal load-bearing capacity. This FEP (Silicone) O-ring can be used at a temperature of -55 °C to +200 °C. This FEP (Silicone) O-ring has been certified by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). This means that This O-ring from FEP (Silicone) is extremely suitable for the food industry.

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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStockFrom price
O-ring 45.69x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1024,64 icon
O-ring 72.69x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1027,42 icon
O-ring 94.93x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1028,19 icon
O-ring 31.42x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1023,49 icon
O-ring 38x5FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA525,80 icon
O-ring 126.37x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA533,34 icon
O-ring 66.35x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1027,42 icon
O-ring 23.4x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1027,16 icon
O-ring 56.52x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA526,97 icon
O-ring 53.37x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1029,33 icon
O-ring 20.22x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1027,16 icon
O-ring 37.47x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1025,80 icon
O-ring 78.74x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA5029,07 icon
O-ring 160x3FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA232,81 icon
O-ring 329.8x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA461,44 icon
O-ring 62.87x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA526,97 icon
O-ring 53.65x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1026,85 icon
O-ring 116.84x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA532,38 icon
O-ring 52.07x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1026,85 icon
O-ring 113.67x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA532,38 icon
O-ring 75.8x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA830,20 icon
O-ring 15.54x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1021,86 icon
O-ring 55.25x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1026,85 icon
O-ring 98.02x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1026,08 icon
O-ring 196.22x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA743,88 icon
O-ring 101.2x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1026,08 icon
O-ring 85.09x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA929,30 icon
O-ring 110.49x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA532,38 icon
O-ring 34.59x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1023,49 icon
O-ring 123.2x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA533,34 icon
O-ring 39.34x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1024,64 icon
O-ring 69.22x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA527,92 icon
O-ring 50.47x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1024,64 icon
O-ring 26.58x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1026,27 icon
O-ring 340x3FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA261,44 icon
O-ring 72.4x5.33FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA527,92 icon
O-ring 82.14x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1025,39 icon
O-ring 101.27x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1028,19 icon
O-ring 21.89x2.62FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1021,86 icon
O-ring 85.32x3.53FEP-VMQ - MVQ - SiliconeFDA1025,39 icon