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FFKM O-Rings - 60 Shore A - N694

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FFKM 60 Shore A - N694

The hardness of this FFKM O-ring is 60 Shore A. This FFKM O-ring can be used at temperatures from -25 °C to +270 °C. This O-ring is resistant to chemicals. Furthermore, this FFKM O-ring has standard properties. This means that it is resistant to ozone, weather conditions and aging.

This FFKM O-ring is comparable to the:

  • Evolast® N894
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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStockFrom price
O-ring Black19.2x2.5FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A3855,90 icon
O-ring Black9.8x1.7FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A8525,65 icon
O-ring Black25.1x2.62FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A4269,94 icon
O-ring Black2.9x1.75FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A5922,39 icon
O-ring Black81.92x5.33FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A9344,03 icon
O-ring Black75.8x5.33FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A16419,53 icon
O-ring Black81.9x5.3FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A9452,25 icon
O-ring Black19x2.5FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A3855,90 icon
O-ring Black55x4FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A11274,91 icon
O-ring Black10.46x5.33FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A18116,64 icon
O-ring Black85.1x5.33FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A8468,51 icon
O-ring Black26.8x4FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A2165,75 icon
O-ring Black82x5.3FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A9453,22 icon
O-ring Black82.27x5.33FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A9455,73 icon
O-ring Black85.09x5.33FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A8352,74 icon
O-ring Black25x2.62FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A4269,21 icon
O-ring Black3.5x2FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A13725,17 icon
O-ring Black20x2FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A2554,45 icon
O-ring Black25x2.65FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A4285,18 icon
O-ring Black28x2.5FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A3477,92 icon
O-ring Black20.12x2FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A2554,93 icon
O-ring Black20.2x2FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A2555,42 icon
O-ring Black25.07x2.62FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A4253,48 icon
O-ring Black76x4.5FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A15434,83 icon
O-ring Black85x5.3FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A8467,54 icon
O-ring Black82x5.33FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A9453,99 icon
O-ring Black143x2.5FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A1291,17 icon
O-ring Black25x2.6FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A4270,66 icon
O-ring Black40x1FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A1468,- icon
O-ring Black84.7x5.3FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A8466,19 icon
O-ring Black1.98x1.98FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A11026,62 icon
O-ring Black27x4FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A2166,84 icon
O-ring Black2x2FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A11026,62 icon
O-ring Black3.45x2.02FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A13725,89 icon
O-ring Black25.25x2.62FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A4271,39 icon
O-ring Black2.9x1.8FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A5922,39 icon
O-ring Black2.9x1.78FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A5916,64 icon
O-ring Black75.57x5.33FFKM - FFPM60 Shore A16318,28 icon