HNBR O-Rings - 70 Shore A - Green

HNBR O-Rings - 70 Shore A - Green

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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStockFrom price
O-ring Green55.25x2.62HNBR - Buna70 Shore A713,42 icon
O-ring Green104.37x3.53HNBR - Buna70 Shore A9854,63 icon
O-ring Green10.6x1.8HNBR - Buna70 Shore A9000,99 icon
O-ring Green392x7HNBR - Buna70 Shore A3157,42 icon
O-ring Green431x7HNBR - Buna70 Shore A1862,10 icon
O-ring Green266.3x3.53HNBR - Buna70 Shore A23715,80 icon
O-ring Green88.27x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A3308,03 icon
O-ring Green98x3.5HNBR - Buna70 Shore A1055,- icon
O-ring Green107.2x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A1310,48 icon
O-ring Green530x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A7552,97 icon
O-ring Green148.52x3.53HNBR - Buna70 Shore A4207,65 icon
O-ring Green60x2.62HNBR - Buna70 Shore A11253,66 icon
O-ring Green240.67x6.99HNBR - Buna70 Shore A3524,54 icon
O-ring Green291.47x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A16527,47 icon
O-ring Green29.62x2.62HNBR - Buna70 Shore A21861,49 icon
O-ring Green32.93x3.53HNBR - Buna70 Shore A14142,73 icon
O-ring Green123.8x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A27811,86 icon
O-ring Green50.5x5.4HNBR - Buna70 Shore A1355,26 icon
O-ring Green57x1.75HNBR - Buna70 Shore A41802,71 icon
O-ring Green183.52x6.99HNBR - Buna70 Shore A7025,71 icon
O-ring Green209.14x3.53HNBR - Buna70 Shore A21310,70 icon
O-ring Green5.3x1.8HNBR - Buna70 Shore A78170,62 icon
O-ring Green23.39x3HNBR - Buna70 Shore A29751,89 icon
O-ring Green25.2x3.5HNBR - Buna70 Shore A47792,22 icon
O-ring Green506.81x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A3940,15 icon
O-ring Green63.5x1.78HNBR - Buna70 Shore A31142,73 icon
O-ring Green113.97x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A22110,99 icon
O-ring Green152x5.3HNBR - Buna70 Shore A28615,13 icon
O-ring Green165x5.3HNBR - Buna70 Shore A2716,22 icon
O-ring Green135.89x6.99HNBR - Buna70 Shore A26917,53 icon
O-ring Green120.1x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A10811,61 icon
O-ring Green126.2x2.62HNBR - Buna70 Shore A1394,06 icon
O-ring Green11.8x2HNBR - Buna70 Shore A25641,11 icon
O-ring Green234.22x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A10324,80 icon
O-ring Green316x7HNBR - Buna70 Shore A2746,71 icon
O-ring Green59.92x3.53HNBR - Buna70 Shore A4405,60 icon
O-ring Green430.66x6.99HNBR - Buna70 Shore A1856,08 icon
O-ring Green43.82x5.33HNBR - Buna70 Shore A5373,75 icon
O-ring Green4.48x1.78HNBR - Buna70 Shore AAED269670,36 icon
O-ring Green120x7HNBR - Buna70 Shore A1515,89 icon

HNBR 70 Shore A – Green

The hardness of this HNBR (Hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber) O-ring is 70 Shore A. This HNBR O-ring has an operating temperature of -30 °C to +150 °C. With special grades, you can achieve -50 °C. The color of this O-ring is Green.

The NBR O-ring is resistant to:

  • Water (max 80 °C)
  • Pressure fluids HFA, HFB, HFC
  • Oil and fats based on mineral oil
  • Silicone oils and Silicone fats
  • Vegetable and animal oils and fats
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Hydraulic oils H, H-L, H-LP

The O-ring of NBR is not resistant to:

  • Ozone, weather conditions, aging
  • Pressure fluids HFD
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Motor fuels with a high content of aromatics
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Polar solvents
  • Brake fluids based on glycol

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