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VMQ O-Rings - 70 Shore A - Transparant

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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStockFrom price
O-ring Transparent75.57x5.33VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA4752,63 icon
O-ring Transparent56.52x5.33VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA16901,96 icon
O-ring Transparent63.17x2.62VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA42500,90 icon
O-ring Transparent29.75x3.53VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA78631,11 icon
O-ring Transparent25.07x2.62VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA150990,59 icon
O-ring Transparent50.16x5.33VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA3051,80 icon
O-ring Transparent69.22x5.33VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA19282,28 icon
O-ring Transparent40.95x2.62VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA37001,10 icon
O-ring Transparent4.48x1.78VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA372710,10 icon
O-ring Transparent12.42x1.78VMQ - MVQ - Silicone70 Shore AFDA481510,18 icon

VMQ 70 Shore A – Transparant

The hardness of this VMQ (Vinyl Methyl Silicone) O-ring is 70 Shore A. This O-ring form VMQ can handle temperatures from -60 °C to +200 °C. You can achieve +230 °C with special qualities. The color of the VMQ O-ring is transparent.

The VMQ O-ring has a good resistant to:

  • Water (max 100 °C)
  • Ozone, weather conditions & aging
  • Vegetable and animal oils and fat
  • Aliphatic engine and gear oils

The VMQ O-ring is not resistant to:

  • Aromatic minerals oils
  • Steam over +120 °C
  • Silicone oils and greases
  • Fuels
  • Acids & alkalis