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FFKM O-Rings - 75 Shore A - N896

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FFKM 75 Shore A - N896

The hardness of this FFKM O-ring is 75 Shore A. This O-ring can handle temperatures from -15 °C to +330 °C. This FFKM O-ring has the property that it can also withstand heat. This O-ring is also resistant to chemicals. Furthermore, this FFKM O-ring has standard properties. This means that it is resistant to ozone, weather conditions and aging.

This FFKM O-ring is comparable to the:

  • Isolast® J8325/J9876
  • Chemraz® 615/551
  • Perlast® G75B/G75TX
  • Kalrez® 7075
  • Simriz® Z7257/498
  • Evolast® N896
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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStockFrom price
O-ring Black530x6FFKM - FFPM75 Shore A11.713,60 icon
O-ring Black540x6FFKM - FFPM75 Shore A11.713,60 icon
O-ring Black19x2.2FFKM - FFPM75 Shore A3842,12 icon
O-ring Black520x5FFKM - FFPM75 Shore A22.353,35 icon
O-ring Black540x5FFKM - FFPM75 Shore A32.461,95 icon
O-ring Black36x1.6FFKM - FFPM75 Shore A3862,10 icon
O-ring Black66.34x2.62FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature4167,22 icon
O-ring Black7.65x2.62FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature5627,- icon
O-ring Black8x1.5FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature14921,80 icon
O-ring Black7.5x3.5FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature5438,16 icon
O-ring Black26x2FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature1555,98 icon
O-ring Black23.42x3.53FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature8178,12 icon
O-ring Black11.2x1.78FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature7425,40 icon
O-ring Black12.5x1.8FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature11027,20 icon
O-ring Black20.2x3.55FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature1769,48 icon
O-ring Black33.12x3.53FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature4103,32 icon
O-ring Black26.7x1.78FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature2940,14 icon
O-ring Black36.09x3.53FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature14115,02 icon
O-ring Black11.8x2.62FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature1039,20 icon
O-ring Black12x1.5FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature6234,60 icon
O-ring Black12.37x2.62FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature7730,80 icon
O-ring Black12.5x2.65FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature7736,72 icon
O-ring Black40.95x3.53FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature11124,38 icon
O-ring Black485x3FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature4803,85 icon
O-ring Black63x4FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature4273,53 icon
O-ring Black189.6x5FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature1795,84 icon
O-ring Black6.07x1.78FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature16513,80 icon
O-ring Black190x5FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature1794,24 icon
O-ring Black28x1.5FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature3354,54 icon
O-ring Black30x2.62FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature3167,14 icon
O-ring Black60x5.34FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature6323,68 icon
O-ring Black10.8x1.75FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature3526,- icon
O-ring Black36.09x3.55FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature14171,36 icon
O-ring Black63.17x2.62FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature14127,26 icon
O-ring Black69.57x1.78FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature998,64 icon
O-ring Black380x3.5FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature1828,45 icon
O-ring Black15.6x2.6FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature5842,12 icon
O-ring Black48.25x4FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature6239,53 icon
O-ring Black10.8x2.65FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature5338,20 icon
O-ring Black12.47x1.78FFKM - FFPM75 Shore AHigh Temperature11026,60 icon