FFKM O-Rings - 90 Shore A - N993

FFKM O-Rings - 90 Shore A - N993

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FFKM 90 Shore A - N993

This FFKM O-ring has a hardness of 90 Shore A. This FFKM O-ring can be used at temperatures from -20 °C to +270 °C. This O-ring is resistant to chemicals. Furthermore, this FFKM O-ring has standard properties. This means that it is resistant to ozone, weather conditions and aging.

This FFKM O-ring is comparable to the:

  • Evolast® N993
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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStockFrom price
O-ring Black25x1.8FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A3667,03 icon
O-ring Black25.2x1.8FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A3667,03 icon
O-ring Black29.74x3.53FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A17120,27 icon
O-ring Black31.42x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A2080,59 icon
O-ring Black10.9x1.8FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A7629,77 icon
O-ring Black10.82x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A7626,02 icon
O-ring Black20.24x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A2149,61 icon
O-ring Black38.7x3.5FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A5135,47 icon
O-ring Black25.21x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A3665,58 icon
O-ring Black25.17x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A3664,37 icon
O-ring Black36.36x2.62FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A33101,88 icon
O-ring Black38.7x3.53FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A5137,87 icon
O-ring Black15.6x1.8FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A6541,87 icon
O-ring Black25x1.76FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A3666,31 icon
O-ring Black15.5x1.75FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A6541,87 icon
O-ring Black36.2x2.65FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A33109,55 icon
O-ring Black5.3x1.8FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A16926,62 icon
O-ring Black31.5x1.8FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A2081,80 icon
O-ring Black36.3x2.6FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A33102,12 icon
O-ring Black15.5x1.8FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A6541,14 icon
O-ring Black29.9x3.53FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A17108,90 icon
O-ring Black36.17x2.62FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A3380,59 icon
O-ring Black20.3x1.8FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A2151,79 icon
O-ring Black20.2x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A2149,13 icon
O-ring Black35.97x2.62FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A33101,40 icon
O-ring Black38.5x3.55FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A5138,30 icon
O-ring Black36.2x2.6FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A33101,40 icon
O-ring Black25.25x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A3666,55 icon
O-ring Black20.42x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A2150,09 icon
O-ring Black38.5x3.5FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A5135,04 icon
O-ring Black5.28x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A16919,66 icon
O-ring Black10.8x1.8FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A7629,04 icon
O-ring Black36x2.62FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A33101,40 icon
O-ring Black30x3.55FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A17110,64 icon
O-ring Black25.12x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A3649,85 icon
O-ring Black5.3x1.75FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A16926,62 icon
O-ring Black10.75x1.75FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A7629,77 icon
O-ring Black20.35x1.78FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A2138,72 icon
O-ring Black69.22x5.33FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A3308,99 icon
O-ring Black29.75x3.53FFKM - FFPM90 Shore A1793,17 icon

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